Trish is a world class trainer and is beyond knowledgeable with all training issues. My dog responded so well to her style, caring and compassion. I will take every class she teaches.

Robert Garofalo

Trish and Katelyn teach a wonderful class. It was a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for all dogs and people! So happy I was able to attend. Their tips and guidance really helped my dog and I communicate better. Can’t wait to take another class!

Sara Smeck

This puppy/beginner class was great! Tricia and her daughter Katelyn are truly wonderful trainers and have set us up for years of success with our sweet pup, Achilles. Thanks so much!

Lisa Browning

My husband and I got our first puppy together earlier this year. He is a Pomeranian and neither one of us had ever owned a Pom before. I researched a few places and when I found 20 Paws it was an instant connection.  All of my questions were answered on the first phone call and I was very impressed with the time I was given and how much knowledge I received in the phone call alone.  My husband and I drive 30 minutes to our puppy classes because of how much we believe in 20 Paws. We have learned so much through the training and our so proud of our puppy and ourselves. We have signed our puppy up for the next classes and will continue to do our work with our puppy through them. We cannot thank them enough for the time and efforts they have put into us and our puppy. We are so lucky to have found them! 
Becky Ritucci
The class helped Bear increase his focus with introduction of a variety of distractors (other dogs and strangers) while using less treats and more complex tasks. The class also prepared Bear toward the Therapy evaluation class and and CGC test and some tasks from the Therapy CGC test. 
Jennifer Reed
Mazie loves the classes and she has come so far I cant wait to get to the final goal. You ladies are awesome and very good at what you do. We love you and the classes keep up the great work!
Scott Klein

The Bakers at 20 Paws have been absolutely wonderful helping us to train our dog, Hope. With the goal of having our dog trained and eventually certified to become a facility therapy dog, we started with Level 1 virtual classes in May, recently graduated from Level 3 and will be starting Animal Assisted Therapy dog classes in January! We are so excited. They have been careful and sensitive during this COVID 19 pandemic, and we are so grateful to have them assisting us! Trish and Kaitlyn are so patient with our little dog, and help us to trouble shoot any difficulties that we have with training Hope! I could have never taken on this venture without their support and guidance!

Danielle DePalma

The class that Tricia has is awesome she very good.
She runs a nice class and Mazie loves it I would recommend the class to anyone. Katelyn is her daughter and also awesome. They are very good at what they do.

Scott Klein

Great class. Lots of information given to all. Attention to our particular issues directed as needed. Signed up for next class in series. Thank you!!!

Freida Villepontoux

Tricia and Katelyn are great trainers and teachers. We adopted our dog when he was 3 years and just rescued. He has been very nice at home but had a barking issue to other dogs as he might be frightened, and we had struggled to deal with it. Tricia and Katelyn taught us basic training skills and very helpful advises by demonstrating those skills to our dog. We learned how to avoid such unwanted situations by making him paying attention to us. Although our dog still wants to bark as it is difficult to change his personality itself, now we feel more comfortable and confident about walking outside with him.

Mikako Abe