Do you have personalized concerns that aren’t addressed in training class like a dog that is fearful? Are you a new puppy-parent with a lot of questions? Then private lessons might be for you! In private sessions, a trainer will come to your house or meet with you virtually, based on what is best for you and your dog, and you will get personalized, one-on-one attention to work on your concerns. Private lessons are perfect for those who have a hard time learning in a class environment (either handler or dog!), if you have a concern that is not addressed in a training class, simply need some extra work on behaviors taught in class, or if your concerns are specific to the home environment. We can even work with your dog if they are fearful of other dogs, as long as it is safe for us to do so!
Private lessons can be virtual or in-person, based on your needs.
In-person sessions in your home are $135 for the hour.
Virtual sessions are great for those that don’t have their puppy yet but want to be prepared when they come home. We can set your dog up for success by talking about issues such as potty training or managing behaviors so your puppy does not get the chance to practice things like chewing, barking, or jumping! We can even talk about what to look for from a puppy or dog if you have just started looking!
Introductory virtual sessions where we talk about your training concerns and goals and create a personalized training plan for you and your dog are $70 and 30 minutes. *After an initial consultation 60 minute virtual privates will be $130
 A full-hour virtual session is $130.
If you have any questions about our private lessons please email us at or