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       Dog training is all about relationships. Not only is it the relationship between the dog and the owner, it is between the owners and the trainer. The dog’s owner, must trust that the trainer is teaching them the best way for their dog!

       We believe every dog should live the richest, most fulfilling life possible. If you are reading this, we know you feel the same way!

At 20 Paws Dog Training, we take pride in helping owners to develop a strong, lasting relationship with their dogs through positive reinforcement education. Teaching the dogs the "rules" at this time of covid-19 quarantine can be challenging. We want to offer you solutions for taking advantage of the time you are home with your dogs.

Princeton's Town Topics Reader's Choice Award for Dog Training in 2022

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Have you ever thought your dog just does SO MUCH sniffing there should be a class for that? Well, there is! Nose Work is a fun game based on professional detection work that is great for burning off energy, building up a dog’s confidence and much more! Nose work is something that builds a great relationship between you and your dog and even a short search can burn off as much energy as a sprint! There are no prerequisites necessary and easy to practice at home. No matter the size, age, ability of the dog they can all benefit from Nose Work!  $185 – 6 Weeks of Classes.

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Meet Our Trainers


Tricia Baker, CPDT- KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer-CPDT-KA
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizens Evaluator # 86409 C.G.C.
Bright & Beautiful Certified Evaluator
Graduate of Instructor’s Training Course, ITC, November 2011


Katelyn Baker
AIR Dog Trainer
Member of APDT
ISAA Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America

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Congratulations to our Graduates

Yuan Cai - Coconut x300x400
Robert Garofalo - Blue2 x300x400
Robert Garofalo - Blue x300x400
Michele Stevens - Kali x300x400
Melanie Jimenez - Chocolate Chip x300x400
Mabel x300x400
Lydia Skeete-Boschitsch - Scott Hamilton x300x400
Kristy Sugg - Barney x300x400
Jeanne Bodinson - Cassie x300x400
Deborah Vivona - Dakota x300x400
Heather Palumbo - Izzy x300x400
Dana Snook - Maya x300x400
Charlie Murphy - Leox300x400
Cassidy Denno - Wyattx300x400
student 8
Robert Garofalo - KiKi
Nadine Byczkowski - Roxy
Michael Stevens - Scotty
Kyra Sirimis - Penelope
Jane Campbell - Cosmo
Carmella Aaron - Bailey
student x300x400
Shauna Moses - Buddy
Elisabeth Grasberger - Artax
Scott KLEIN - Mazie
Sally Tsai - Max
Kelly Appleton - Peanut
Fancy and Mila
Doug McLeod - Hank
Gianna Trotter - Cairo
Sara Smeck - Bucky
Helene Petitjean - Chloe
Timothy Murphy - Leo
Katie Bunca - Ziggy x300x400
Lisa Linzalone - Jaxx
Joanna Como - Millie
Alexandra Sebastiani - Sky
Jean Hendry - Rissi
Jesselyn Pe - Lucy
Kathy Matches - Crystal
Tamilselvan Velayutham - Soal
Pragnesh Ghadiali - Loki
Vishwas Balakrishna - Shadow
Sally Tsai - Max
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