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       Dog training is all about relationships. Not only is it the relationship between the dog and the owner, it is between the owners and the trainer. The dog’s owner, must trust that the trainer is teaching them the best way for their dog!

       We believe every dog should live the richest, most fulfilling life possible. If you are reading this, we know you feel the same way!

At 20 Paws Dog Training, we take pride in helping owners to develop a strong, lasting relationship with their dogs through positive reinforcement education. Teaching the dogs the "rules" at this time of covid-19 quarantine can be challenging. We want to offer you solutions for taking advantage of the time you are home with your dogs.

Please consider joining us for a class!

Puppy/Beginner Class– 10:00AM – Sunday, May 17th – These classes can be run on-line or can transfer to on premises, depending upon the state-of-the-state. The on-line classes will allow us to include dogs of all different ages in the same class.
For Puppies and Dogs of any age. In this 7 week course, you begin your journey as you build your dog’s confidence and prevent behavioral issues. You will work on developing your dog’s social skills in this challenging time. Discussions on potty training, nipping, chewing, and crate training. You and your dog will be introduced to the basic behaviors to help make your life, as well as your dog’s life, much more enjoyable. Introduction of cues, markers and release words. Behaviors taught include focus & attention, sit, down, leave it, take it (impulse control) drop it, as well as introductions of polite walking on a leash, polite greetings, stay and come here. Puppies Do NOT attend the first class. $160 for 7 week class.
Intermediate Class – Sunday, May 17th – 11:15 AM – These classes can be run on-line or can transfer to on premises, depending upon the state-of-the-state.
For dogs who have completed either Beginner or Puppy Class through 20 Paws Dog Training. The Intermediate class is the second step in your training journey with your dog. In this 6 week class, we continue to work on reliable, fast responses to behaviors learned in the previous class. We continue to work on impulse control and introduce new behaviors such as wait and go to bed. We discuss moving away from food lures and rewards. 6 Week Class $140
Loose Leash Walking Bootcamp- Sunday, May 17th – 12:30 PM – These classes can be run on-line or can transfer to on premises, depending upon the state-of-the-state. For young dogs ages 5 months to 18 months
Is your dog a big puller on leash? Do they take you for a walk? Are you unable to take your dog anywhere because you don’t want to chance them pulling your arm out of its socket? Or are walks just not fun because they pull so much?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or ALL of them!) than we’ve got the perfect class for you!
Our Loose Leash Walking Class is a walking intensive class that is meant to give you the tools to take your dog on a walk that you BOTH can enjoy!
Each week of this (four/five) week course we will work on different walking techniques. From getting your dog to be aware of and correct tension in the leash, to teaching them that being right next to your side is the best place to be we will build a solid foundation for you and your dog every time the two of you leave the house. We will also focus on getting/keeping your dog’s attention in a high distraction environment because if we can’t get them to focus on us, how can we expect to get them to walk with us?
We will also discuss different walking tools that will help prevent your dog from pulling even when you don’t have the time (and lets face it, sometimes the patience) to work on getting a nice loose leash walk from your dog.

Puppy class is a prerequisite. 6 week class. $140

Advanced/Introduction to Therapy Dog Class– Sunday, May 17th 12:30 PM – This class will be held outside of the South Brunswick Recreation Center, in the back of the building. We will social distance, remaining a minimum of six feet apart and wear masks. This class is a higher level and involves working dogs around other dogs and cannot be taught remotely.
For handler/dog teams who have successfully completed a minimum of 20 Paws Intermediate training class.This class is focused on building existing behaviors and working your dog around real-life distractions. We also add distance, duration and distractions to behaviors previously taught. At the end of this course we will be offering the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test & title. Class is six weeks and is $170. This class is an excellent step towards becoming a certified therapy team.

All Starts Sunday May 17th

10:00 Puppy/Beginner $160
11:15 Intermediate $140
12:30 Walking Bootcamp $140
12;30 Advanced/Therapy Dog $140

We are also offering a few Virtual Only.


Virtual Puppy Class

In this VIRTUAL puppy class we work on all the basics in a traditional puppy class, but from the comfort of your own home! And because this is a virtual class you can attend with your dog even if they aren’t a puppy! You will get live discussions with a trainer to view your progress and coach you through different behaviors like focus and attention, respond to their name, sit, down, leave it, take it, drop it, polite greetings and more!Read More »

Virtual Socialization Seminar

Stuck at home with your puppy with nothing to do? Are you anxious you aren’t going to be able to socialize your puppy now that we are unable to leave our houses for puppy outings? In this $10 seminar we will talk about socialization, what it is, how to do it and most importantly what you should be doing with your puppy NOW to set them up for success after our quarantine is lifted and you are able to take them out and about again.Read More »

Online Trick Class

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your dog to keep them busy but are unable to take them out anywhere, or attend an in-person class? The AKC is allowing CGC instructors like us to certify handlers and their dogs via video! In this class, which is 100% online, we will give you access to videos each week of a new trick that is offered on the CGC Novice Tricks Dog title so you can teach them to your dog in the comfort of your own homeRead More »

If you are interested in signing up please follow the 20 Paws link below. We are grateful to the South Brunswick Recreation Department for offering this opportunity to help the South Brunswick Community have well behaved dogs!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions about training please CLICK HERE

Meet Our Trainer

Tricia Baker, CPDT- KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer-CPDT-KA
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizens Evaluator # 86409 C.G.C.
Bright & Beautiful Certified Evaluator
Graduate of Instructor’s Training Course, ITC, November 2011

Katelyn Baker
AIR Dog Trainer
Member of APDT
ISAA Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America

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