Polite Walking Class

 Is your dog a big leash puller?

Does he/she take you for a walk? 

Are walks just not fun because they pull so much? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or ALL of them!) than we’ve got the perfect class for you! 

Our Loose Leash Walking Class is an intensive walking class that is meant to give you the tools to take your dog on a walk that you BOTH can enjoy! 

Each week of this four week course we will work on different walking techniques

* Teaching your dog to be aware of and correct tension in the leash,

*  Teaching them that being right next to your side is the best place to be

We will build a solid foundation for you and your dog every time the two of you leave the house. We will also focus on getting/keeping your dog’s attention in a high distraction environment because if we can’t get them to focus on us, how can we expect to get them to walk with us? 

We will also discuss different walking tools that will help prevent your dog from pulling even when you don’t have the time (and lets face it, sometimes the patience) to work on getting a nice loose leash walk from your dog. 

Instructor: Katelyn Baker

Class is offered at South Brunswick Community Center, Woodlot Park

124 New Road

Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852