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For Puppies 10 to 20 Weeks old. In this 7 week course, you begin your journey as you build your puppy’s confidence and prevent behavioral issues. You will work on developing your puppy social skills. Discussions on potty training, nipping, chewing, and crate training. You and your dog will be introduced to the basic behaviors to help make your life, as well as your dog’s life, much more enjoyable. Behaviors taught include focus & attention, sit, down, stay, come here to me, leave it, take it, drop it, as well as introductions of polite walking on a leash and polite greetings. Puppies Do NOT attend the first class. $160 for 7 week class..

For Dogs 5 months or older. In this 7 week course we will work on setting a strong foundation for training for your dog’s life. We will cover behaviors like focus and attention, sit, down, stay, come here to me, leave it, drop it, stay, as well as walking politely on a leash, greeting people calmly and basic impulse control. Dogs Do NOT attend the first class. $160 for 7 week class.

For dogs who have completed either Beginner or Puppy Class through 20 Paws Dog Training. The Intermediate class is the second step in your training journey with your dog. In this 6 week class, we continue to work on reliable, fast responses to behaviors learned in previous class. We continue to work on impulse control and introduce new behaviors such as wait and go to bed. We discuss moving away from food lures and rewards. 6 Week Class $140

A transitional class where pet owners will work on reinforcing puppy behaviors, as the dog matures and develops through the challenging period of canine adolescence. We focus on building attention, confidence and more reliable behavior in the teen-age dog. Work on building recall, stay, leave it, no jumping and loose-leash walking. Puppies will be introduced to scent games, so participants are required to bring a crate to class each week. Puppy class is a pre-requisite. 6 week class. $140

For handler/dog teams who have successfully completed the 20 Paws Advanced training class.This class is focused on building existing behaviors and working your dog around real-life distractions. Depending upon weather, we will begin working with outdoor distractions. We also add distance, duration and distractions to behaviors previously taught.

Dogs burn off energy by using their brains. So, to keep your dog mentally stimulated, by having fun, we will be including teaching them tricks!

On week six of this course we will be offering the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test & title offered Class is six weeks (including testing week) and is $140.

Is your dog a big leash puller?

Does he/she take you for a walk?

Are walks just not fun because they pull so much?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or ALL of them!) than we’ve got the perfect class for you!

Our Loose Leash Walking Class is an intensive walking class that is meant to give you the tools to take your dog on a walk that you BOTH can enjoy!

Each week of this four week course we will work on different walking techniques

* Teaching your dog to be aware of and correct tension in the leash,

* Teaching them that being right next to your side is the best place to be

We will build a solid foundation for you and your dog every time the two of you leave the house. We will also focus on getting/keeping your dog’s attention in a high distraction environment because if we can’t get them to focus on us, how can we expect to get them to walk with us?

We will also discuss different walking tools that will help prevent your dog from pulling even when you don’t have the time (and lets face it, sometimes the patience) to work on getting a nice loose leash walk from your dog.

Instructor: Katelyn Baker

6 Week Class and is $140.

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