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Sorry class is closed.. Please contact us click  here for inquiry.

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61 Princeton Hightstown Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
We will be in the back of the back building. 
Training Location : 
641 Plainsboro Road, Recreation Center
Plainsboro, NJ 08536 

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             I understand and agree that Tricia Baker & 20 Paws, shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any person, animal or property which results from the training behavior or my pet. I also understand and agree that any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. I further agree that Tricia Baker & 20 Paws shall not be held liable for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of my pet's participation in the program and that I will be responsible for any damages my pet may do t other pets or people. Tricia Baker & 20 Paws are unable to accept dogs that have a history of aggression towards people or other animals. Tricia Baker & 20 Paws reserves the right to refuse or terminate training services at any time. 

 I acknowledge that 20 Paws will not be liable for any damages or loss from our right to refuse service. There are no refunds or returns

We are offering a few Just For Fun Virtual Classes:

Socialization for Quarantine: A Virtual Seminar!

Did you get a new puppy/older dog just before lockdown or in the past few weeks to keep you company while everyone is home? Are you anxious you aren’t going to be able to socialize your puppy now that we are unable to leave our houses for puppy outings? In this $10 seminar we will talk about socialization, what it is, how to do it and most importantly what you should be doing with your puppy NOW to set them up for success after our quarantine is lifted and you are able to take them out and about again. This is an hour-long, no dogs seminar where we will go over games you can play to get your dog tired so you can work from home and have virtual meetings without a puppy in your face, handling activities to get your dog accepting touch before they are older and unwilling to accept new experiences and much, much more!
This seminar will be done through Google Meets. About a day before the seminar you will get an invitation which you will be able to use at 11am to access the meeting.
The socialization seminar will be $10 for the hour-long session. We do not do any work with dogs in this seminar.
This seminar runs each Saturday in May at 10:30am.

Online Tricks course:

We also have a trick course, where you will receive video instructions on how to teach a variety of tricks at your own convenience. Once you have reviewed the videos and taught the tricks you will be able to videotape you and your dog doing the tricks you have learned(or others!) and earn your AKC Novice Trick title! This is great if you want to do therapy work with your dog and gives you something to “show off” to patients and students. Tricks are also a great way to burn off mental energy and incorporate some new, fun things into your training routine. If you are stuck at home with your kids who have nothing to do, work them both by giving your kids the task of teaching your pup new tricks every week! Normally, AKC trick testing costs $20, but as long as you submit your video by May 10th with this course you get all the video instruction, the ability to talk to a trainer and ask questions or for feedback, as well as the test for just $20! For video submissions submitted after May 10th an additional charge for testing will have to be submitted.
This course’s official start date is May 17th, but is ongoing in case you are unable to sign up before then. You can sign up whenever available and you will receive an email with instructions and all of the videos we have covered so far. As long as you submit your video by June 30th you will not be charged an extra $20 for the AKC Novice Tricks testing. Just because you take the course does not mean you are guaranteed a title. We do our best to help you with all questions and concerns you might have, but some dogs need a few tries before they can earn the title. New videos are sent out each week for you and your pup to work on for the week!
If you would like to sign up you can do so here: ONLINE TRICK CLASS