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Online Tricks Class

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your dog to keep them busy but are unable to take them out anywhere, or attend an in-person class? The AKC is allowing CGC instructors like us to certify handlers and their dogs via video! In this class, which is 100% online, we will give you access to videos each week of a new trick that is offered on the CGC Novice Tricks Dog title so you can teach them to your dog in the comfort of your own home and at the end of the six weeks you will upload a video for us to review instead of testing in-person. You can give your dog a new title(which is especially great if you want to do therapy work with them! People love when therapy dogs can do tricks!) that you can show off to all your friends, you will have worked more on establishing an even closer relationship with your dog(because we all know the best way to foster a good relationship with your dog is through fun training!), and your dog will be tired(well, MORE tired!) from all the brain power they are using!
So if you are ready to teach your dog(young or old!) some new tricks join us for our virtual class!