Busy and unable to take an hour each week to attend a class? Is your
dog climbing the walls they have so much energy as we continue to social
distance and maybe still working from home? Well we have a fun way to burn off energy:
In this TOTALLY ONLINE tricks course you will receive video instructions on how to teach a variety of tricks at your own convenience. The goal of this class is to work towards the AKC’s Intermediate Trick title, so we hope by the end you will be ready for testing!
This course is great if you want to do therapy work with your dog and gives you something to “show off” to patients and students. Tricks are also a great way to burn off mental energy and incorporate some new, fun things into your training routine. If you are stuck at home with your kids who have nothing to do, work both them and your dogs by giving your kids the task of teaching your pup new tricks every week! With this course you get all the video instruction as well as the ability to talk to a trainer and ask questions or for feedback for just $20!
A few videos will be sent out each week, so you are not overwhelmed with information and can focus on a few tricks at a time.
Once you have reviewed the videos and taught the tricks you will be able to videotape you and your dog doing the tricks you have learned(or others!) and earn your AKC Intermediate Trick title for an extra $15! You do not have to apply for the title and if you do not want to test there will not be the extra viewing charge, so work towards whatever your goal is! In order to officially earn your title you must have an AKC number which you can get on their website by registering your dog(your dog can even be a mixed breed and be registered!) and there will be additional charges to get your title directly from the AKC.
This course’s official start date is July 5th, but is ongoing in case you are unable to sign up before then. You can sign up whenever available and you will receive an email with instructions and all of the videos we have covered so far. Just because you take the course does not mean you are guaranteed a title. We do our best to help you with all questions and concerns you might have, but some dogs need a few tries before they can earn the title. New videos are sent out each week for you and your pup to work on for the week!

Online Trick Class

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